• Depression or Anxiety • Difficultly in making decisions • Career problems • Relationship Problems • Drug and Alcohol abuse MEET Namrata Kandoi Are you experiencing:

Leading Expert On Mental Health

Using both new age and ancient techniques she heals and counsels people to explore their inner potential and live a complete life. To support people grow in financial & spiritual life she founded an NGO Holistic Training and Development Centre. It is a Mumbai based 80G Certified NGO and has sister consultant in New York, USA. The mission of the NGO is, “To create a Happy and Healthy Society.” HTDC endeavour to do so by empowering people mentally and spiritually, and enabling them to adopt a sound life style.

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High Quality

Individual Counseling.

Relationship Counseling.

Career Counseling

Group Counseling

Marital therapy and Relationship Counseling

Parent – Child Relationship Counseling

Depression/Anxiety related therapy

Exam Anxiety and Performance Anxiety




Behavioral modification

Play Therapy for Children

Age Regression

Inner Child Therapy

Chakra Healing

Allergy Management

De-addiction/Habit Management

Psychiatric disorders diagnosis and therapy

Psychosomatic Disorders


Mind Power

Success in Exams and Interviews

Exam Anxiety

Memory enhancement

Success in Exams and Interviews

Exam Anxiety

Memory enhancement


Aura Analysis

Aura Photography

Analysis of Internal and External Auric Space

Counseling and Recommendations

Aura Cleaning and Energy Balancing.